EASIS Bundle - Cozy basket

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For you who want to give away a nice gift basket filled with items without added sugar and inspiration for all the day's meals.

Comes with a gift basket in brown cardboard + sprinkles + cellophane and ribbon. Just to wrap nicely and give away to a good friend, colleague or family member.

The package contains:
1 piece. Cocoa drink powder 200g
1 plate White chocolate with licorice 85g
2 pcs. Light chocolate bar with hazelnuts of 24g
2 pcs. Dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts of 24g
1 pack Cocoa biscuit with cream filling 176g (4 smaller packs of 4 cookies)
1 book "The sweet life without added sugar"
1 book "From Fat to fabulous" by Gustav Salinas

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