EASIS Bundle - Diet Shake Strawberries and Shakers

The package contains:
1 Diet Shake Strawberries (12 servings)
1 Shaker (500 ml + removable base with space for 150ml)

EASIS Diet Shake with strawberries is a powder mix that just needs to be added to milk, and then you have a delicious and creamy shake. The shake is without added sugar and contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs in a main meal, and you thus ensure the right nutrition while maintaining your focus on weight control. Easy and simple.

EASIS Shaker is a smart two-part shaker, where you can store a ready-mixed drink in the bottle itself and some extra powder for another portion in the separate compartment at the bottom. The shaker can contain 500 ml of liquid and 150 ml extra in the separate compartment at the bottom. If you do not want to use the extra small space, it can be removed and the shaker works just as well without. At the top of the shaker is a net, which makes it easy to prepare a shake completely without lumps. EASIS Shaker is produced in the EU and therefore complies with EU rules for food contact materials.

With screw cap.
Color: opal white (semi-transparent) bottle and black lid.
Dishwasher safe
Can withstand up to 120 degrees hot liquid.

Mix 25 g of powder (2 ironed spoons with dosing spoon) with 250 ml of skim milk in a shaker or blender.
2. Blend or shake until the powder is dissolved.

Storage: Dry and not in sunlight. After opening in tight-fitting packaging
Net content: 300 g (12 servings)
Dosing spoon included in the package.

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