EASIS Bundle - Gift basket

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The package consists of:
1 x From barrel to fabulous Gustav book
1 x EASIS Dark Chocolate
1 x EASIS Hazelnut with sea salt & raw licorice
1 x EASIS Peanut butter bar & pistachio
1 x EASIS Soft bar banana 30g
1 x EASIS Truffle with salted caramel
1 x EASIS Caramels, 70 g
1 x EASIS Rye Bread Crunch
1 x EASIS Chips Sour Cream & Onion
1 x EASIS Chocolate Cookies
1 x EASIS Spread
1 x EASIS Elderflower Drink 500 ml.

In addition, a gift basket and cellophane are included, so you can pack the gift nicely at home.