EASIS Chocolate Crunchies with raspberries

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With sweetener from the stevia plant
High fiber content

EASIS Choco Crunchies with raspberries are chocolate balls of white chocolate with a crispy filling of whole wheat flour, rice flour and corn flour.

Choco Crunchies coated with white chocolate (86%) and freeze-dried raspberries. Contains sweeteners. No added sugar, but with a natural sugar content. Sweetened with the calorie-free sweetener erythritol and the sweetener steviol glycosides which is extracted from the stevia plant.

Storage: Dry and not in sunlight.

Net weight: 80 g (10 portions of 2 pieces).

1 serving of 2 pieces contains
37 kcal
2.6 g fat
2.5 g carbohydrate
1.4 g of dietary fiber
1.0 g protein
Nutritional values
Per 100 g
1959 kJ/468 kcal
33 g
- of which saturated fat
20 g
32 g
- of which sugars
13 g
- of which polyols
8,5 g
Dietary fibre
18 g
13 g
0,30 g
Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, dietary fiber (dextrin, inulin, oligofructose), sweetener (erythritol 8.5%), whey protein isolate, rice flour, corn flour, skimmed milk powder, freeze-dried raspberries (3.2%), wholegrain wheat flour, emulsifier (soy lecithin), barley malt, salt, sweetener (steviol glycosides), natural vanilla aroma, natural aroma.
May contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts.