EASIS Oatmeal with Cocoa 65g

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High protein content
Only add water

EASIS Oatmeal with Cocoa is for you who want a quick breakfast on the go, you just need to add 160 ml of boiling water. EASIS Oatmeal with Cocoa has a high protein content and is also vegan.

Dry mix for oatmeal with cocoa. Contains sweetener. Without added sugar, but with a natural sugar content. The box does not contain a spoon.

Here's how you do it:
1. Add 160 ml of boiling water to the beaker and stir thoroughly.
2. Put the lid on and let rest for approx. 3 min.
Stir again and the dish is ready
Should not be reheated. the product is not suitable for microwave.

Storage: Dry and cool

Net content: 65 g (1 serving)

1 serving of 225 g ready-made dish contains:
263 kcal
9.5 g fat
27 g carbohydrate
5.2 g of dietary fiber
15 g protein
0.36 g salt
Nutritional values
Per 100 g
488 KJ/ 117 kcal
4,2 g
- of which saturated fat
3,0 g
12 g
- of which sugars
1,5 g
Dietary fibre
2,3 g
6,5 g
0,16 g