EASIS Simply Popcorn Snack with Bacon, 50 g

PLEASE NOTE that this item appears here in the designed foil, but comes in a clear foil without colors.

115 kcal pr. portion (25g, the bag contains 2 portions)

EASIS Popcorn Snack with bacon flavor is a new product which is part of EASIS Simply. These are chips based on puffed corn. Popcorn Snack contains few ingredients. Eat them as they are or with your favorite dip.

Corn chips with bacon flavor

Storage: dry and not in sunlight.
Storage after opening: in tight-fitting packaging.

Net content: 50g (2 servings of 25 g)

1 serving of 25 g contains:
115 kcal
4.3 g fat
17 g carbohydrate
0.8 g of dietary fiber
1.5 g protein
Nutritional values
per 100 g
1925 kJ/ 460 kcal
17 g
- of which saturated fat
2,2 g
69 g
- of which sugars
1,8 g
Dietary fiber
30 g
5,8 g
2,5 g