EASIS Small Sweet Rusk biscuit

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14% whole grains
88 kcal pr. portion (25g)
Sweetened with the Calorie-Free Sweetener Erythritol (Multi-Sweet)

EASIS Small Sweet Rusk biscuit are without added sugar. On the other hand, they contain lots of fiber and whole grains, among other things. from graham flour and oatmeal. They have a sweet, spicy taste of vanilla and cardamom and then they are a little smaller than traditional small sweet ruck biscuit and thus more mouth-watering.

Try the crunchy crispy biscuit on your favorite cold dish.

Small Sweet Rusk biscuit with whole grains (14%). Contains sweeteners. Without added sugar but with a natural sugar content.

Storage: Dry and not in sunlight.
Shelf life: 5 months.

Net content: 180 g (7 servings of 25 g)

1 serving of 25 g contains [/ b]
88 kcal
3.3 g of fat
12 g carbohydrate
4.5 g of dietary fiber
2.1 g protein
Nutritional values
Per 100g
1466 kJ / 350 cal
13 g
- of which saturated fat
5,3 g
49 g
- of which sugars
4,5 g
- of which polyols
7,2 g
Dietary fibre
18 g
8,2 g
0,72 g