EASIS Truffle White Coconut with dates and marzipan 30g

High fiber content
Without added sugar
124 kcal pr. PCS.

EASIS Truffle White with Coconut is a completely unique snack based on dates and our delicious marzipan without added sugar. Coated with our white chocolate and sprinkled with coconut flakes.

NOTE! Photo is indicative. This is a seasonal product, which is produced in a transparent foil without design.

The truffle contains rum aroma and therefore has the characteristic taste that is known from, for example, classic rum balls, truffles and student bread.

The product is of course without added sugar, but since it is based on 34% dates, you must be aware of the higher content of sugars, compared to the level of sugars you usually know from our range. Therefore, eat in moderation. One bar contains 11g of carbohydrate, of which 8.1g are sugars - primarily fruit sugar from the dates.

Date bar with marzipan, cocoa and rum flavor, coated with 26% white chocolate. Contains sweeteners. Without added sugar, but with a natural sugar content.

Storage: Dry and not in sunlight.
Shelf life: 4 months.

Net content: 30 g

1 serving of 30 g contains
124 kcal
7.2 g fat
11 g carbohydrate
5.1 g of dietary fiber
2.7 g protein