EASIS Ice cream with strawberry sauce

119 kcal pr. pcs.
30% fewer calories

EASIS Ice cream with strawberry sauce is a classic for you who love the taste of vanilla, strawberry and delicious chocolate. It is all served in a soft waffle shaped like a boat. Ready to eat. The ice cream with strawberry sauce is without added sugar and contains 30% fewer calories than a similar product with sugar.

Vanilla ice cream in a waffle with center of 10% strawberry sauce coated with 10% dark cocoa coating. Contains sweeteners. Without added sugar, but with a natural sugar content. Excessive intake may have a laxative effect.

Storage: -18 ° C or colder. Do not re-freeze after thawing.

Net content: 3 x 71 g (3 servings).
Net volume: 213 g (3 x 130 ml).

1 ice boat of 130ml contains
119 kcal
6.3 g fat
15 g carbohydrate
7.7 g of dietary fiber
2.2 g protein
Nutritional values
Per 100 g
698 kJ/ 167 kcal
8,9 g
- of which saturated fat
6,7 g
21 g
- of which sugars
5,7 g
- of which polyols
10 g
Dietary fiber
11 g
3,0 g
0,13 g