EASIS and fibre

When you remove sugar and fat from food, it’s necessary to replace them with something else. At EASIS we use fibre, which enables us to combine a positive physiological profile with low calorie content. Fibre is filling, fibre improves digestion and helps stabilize the blood sugar.

A intake of fibre will make you feel better

The intake of  fibre should be at least 25-35 g/d for an adult (Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, 2012). In principle there’s no maximum limit to the amount of fibre you can eat. However, your body may react with air and rumbling in the stomach when you start eating more fibre than usual. In a couple of weeks your body will get used to the higher fibre consumption and these side effects will be reduced or go away. An intake of fibre also reduces the risk of constipation and several chronic diseases.

Fibre improves your energy level

Maintaining a varied diet is just as important as choosing the right ingredients. This is why EASIS uses many different types of fibre in our products. Each type has different effects on the digestion.