The history of EASIS goes back to 1993, when it all began. Back then, there weren't many options if you wanted a tasty alternative to ice cream which was full of fat, sugar and calories. Many people wanted that sort of ice cream, so EASIS was started in a small backyard in Aarhus, and the first ice cream was launched.
But it didn't take long for us to realise: if we can make it work with ice cream, surely we can do the same for cakes, sweets and lots of other sweet things!
Since then we’ve only looked ahead, and today EASIS is Europe's leading producer of products with no added sugar. As it has been from the start, our mission is still to make it easy to reduce the intake of sugar and fat, which many of us get too much of.

We want to help through our products; offering many of the traditionally sugar-sweetened and fatty foods with no added sugar. This offers consumers tasty alternatives, which can reduce their consumption of sugar, fat and calories. The truth is, many of us find it hard to replace a chocolate bar with a carrot.
One of the ways to replace the sugar content of a product is to use dietary fibre, so many of EASIS' products are fibre-rich, making it easier to reach the recommended daily intake of fibre.