Inspiration and exciting recipes for a life with no added sugar
What makes EASIS products special? Learn more about our 'No added sugar' profile.
We love giving our customers opportunities for a life with no added sugar by constantly developing new products. Product innovation is our key business.
We want to inspire to a healthier life style. Learn more about nutrition, including fat, sugar, calories, sweeteners and fibre

What do our ambassadors say about us

Inspiration for a life without added sugar
Gustav SalinasPersonal trainer
EASIS' products have made my job much easier as I work with and specialize in overweight. It is a great substitute for sugar cravings, and I often use EASIS products in my diet programmes for my clients. I've had the honor of using EASIS 'products for some time now, and the selection is really big, so working with these products is super motivating.
Camilla Drabo Weight loss over 90 kg
Almost 4 years ago I chose to change my lifestyle 100% and in 1 year and 8 months I lost more than 90 kg. EASIS products were extremely helpful. I have to admit that the products were new to me, but they quickly became my favourites because they saved me from a lot of calories when I needed something sweet. EASIS helped me reach my goals.
Isabella Food Photographer and Recipe Developer
I'm a student and run my food blog '' and my instagram profile 'Isabellavlk'. I love to inspire others to make healthier everyday food - without restrictions. I love candy and snacks, but I try to avoid eating it in everyday life. This is where EASIS becomes my rescue. I have had trouble finding alternatives to sweets, that actually tastes good.
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