EASIS and sugar

In EU we consume far too much sugar. The extremely high intake of sugar constitutes a serious problem especially for our children. Too many children eat and drink more sugar than generally recommended.

The excessive consumption of sugar is primarily due to the hidden sugar in sodas, juices, sweets, ice cream, cakes and cereals.

EASIS started out by fighting hidden sugar, and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. When we claim that our products contain no added sugar it’s the truth. And we’re not only talking about refined sugar – we also avoid fruit sugar, cane sugar, honey and glucose syrup (dextrose).

Of course, a small amount of sugar can’t be avoided in the ingredients we use in our products. For instance there is a natural content of milk sugar in some products. As a consequence EASIS ice cream contains a small amount of sugar. All fruit-based products contain a certain amount of natural sugars as well. However EASIS aims to keep them at a minimum without compromising quality and taste.