Who is EASIS?

EASIS is Europe's leading producer of sweet foods with no added sugar. We make everything from chocolate, cookies, cocoa and cakes to drops, juice, ice cream and breakfast cereals. Our products are sold in most supermarkets, several online shops, and you can also buy our range on this page. EASIS is a helping hand for when you want a healthier lifestyle. We know it can be hard to replace sweet treats with snacks like carrots. We offer solutions that make it easier, as our products are just healthier versions of the sugary products you would otherwise eat. Our products are ideal, regardless of why you want to use EASIS. We have products for all target groups and we never use added sugar. For example, we have meal replacements, a protein range and our SIMPLY range – read more about the different products here:

EASIS Diet – simple and easy!
The EASIS Diet products are meal replacements with no added sugar. They can replace 1–2 of the main meals of the day and thus contribute to either weight maintenance after weight loss or outright weight loss. Use EASIS Diet as a replacement for your normal breakfast, lunch or dinner and take control of your calorie intake. The products have been formulated to ensure that you get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs from a main meal, ensuring you get the right nutrition while focusing on weight control.

More protein and less sugar
EASIS Protein is a range of products which are high in protein while containing no added sugar. Perfect for people who want to increase their daily protein intake and reduce the sugar intake in their diet. EASIS Protein Powder and Clear Shakes are available in different varieties. What they all have in common is that they are high in protein and contain no added sugar. EASIS Protein Spread is a deliciously creamy spread with a white chocolate flavour, and it contains 30% protein. EASIS Protein Chocolate is a delicious, high-quality chocolate with no added sugar and containing 23% protein.

EASIS Simply – quite simply
EASIS Simply is a range of products whose ingredient lists are transparent and no-frills. The main element to them is good ingredients, and they also contain no added sugar or sweeteners. EASIS Granola is a crunchy muesli with a high fibre content, and it’s also gluten-free. EASIS Snacks come in different varieties, such as Pea Snacks, Bean Snacks, etc. Common to them all is that their main ingredient is a vegetable or fruit. EASIS Bars are available in several varieties, such as peanuts, fruit or coconut. EASIS Veggie Mix is for people who want to cut down on their meat consumption or avoid meat altogether. Just add water and boil until you achieve the right consistency.