EASIS and fat

The human body actually needs a certain amount of fat every day. However, it’s crucial for our health that we get the right amounts of the right types of fat.

Less fat, better taste, more energy

Obesity is one of the main health problems in Nordic Countries (Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, 2012). In Denmark we generally eat too much fat. On average 34% of the energy in the food we eat comes from fat, even though the recommended level is only 30%. And for approximately 10% of the population, 40% of their daily energy intake comes from fat. On top of that, people in Denmark tend to consume too much cholesterol and unhealthy types of fat. Approximately 90% of the population gets more than the recommended 10% of their food energy from saturated fat.

At EASIS we have decided to use as little fat as possible in our products without spoiling the good taste. Choosing a product from EASIS is your guarantee that the used fat is a sensible decision and optimised with regard to taste, shelf life and nutritional profile.