EASIS and sweeteners

EASIS has chosen to replace sugar with so-called intense sweeteners in order to minimise calories in our products and promote a stable blood sugar level. EASIS only uses sweeteners which have been tested, recommended and thus included on the European and Danish list of approved sweeteners. And we always use less than the recommended daily intake.

We’re all familiar with the taste of intense sweeteners from sodas, which is the food category where sweeteners are used most. The most common sweeteners are aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, thaumatin, sodium cyclamate and saccharin. They all contain no or an insignificant amount of calories. For example, the sweetness of 1 g of sucralose corresponds to the sweetness of 600g of sugar.

In order to keep the consumption of the individual intense sweetener to an absolute minimum, we always mix different sweeteners in our products. As a result the list of sweeteners in the ingredients list is longer, but that can only benefit the consumer - and at the same time it improves the flavour.