EASIS Pancake mix with whole grains

Powder mix for whole grain pancakes. Contains sweetener. No added sugar, but with a natural sugar content. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effect.

How to do
1.  For 1 portion (50 g powder) , add 100 mL of water.
2. Whip together or shake the mixture and allow the dough to rest for about 5 minutes.
3. Heat a pan over medium heat and fry the pancakes on both sides until golden brown.
4. Serve varm. Add EASIS Perfect Strø and Marmalade.
1 serving gives 2 large or 4 small pancakes.

Storage: Dry and not in sunlight
Storage after opening: In tightly closed packaging.

Net content: 300 g (6 portions of 50 g)

1 serving of 50 g powder contains
180 kcal
4.1 g of fat
31 g of carbohydrate
3.7 g of dietary fiber
7.9 g of protein
Nutritional values
Per 100g
1501 kJ/ 359 kcal
8,1 g
- of which saturated fat
2,4 g
61 g
- of which sugars
4,7 g
- of which polyols
10 g
Dietary fiber
7,4 g
16 g
0,79 g