EASIS Softice Mix 150g

30% fewer calories

EASIS Softice Mix with vanilla flavor is a powder mix that must be added milk, whipped and frozen to achieve a fluffy, creamy softice without added sugar.

It is easy to make and can be used for both ice cream waffles, cakes and desserts.

Softice mix with vanilla flavor. Contains sweeteners. Without added sugar, but with a natural sugar content. Excessive intake may have a laxative effect. Less fat. 30% fewer calories than similar products.

How to:
1. Mix 150 g softice mix with 3.5 dl minimum milk, whip it for a few minutes and pour the mass into a container.
2. Place the container in the freezer and stir thoroughly into the mass once an hour until the ice cream has the desired consistency (about 3-4 hours).
3. Take the ice cream out of the freezer and whip it fluffy and creamy.

Can advantageously be run on an ice machine.

Storage: Dry and not in sunlight.
After opening: In tight-fitting packaging.

Net content: 150 g
(4 servings / 500 g finished soft ice cream).

1 serving of 125 g finished soft ice cream contains:
128 kcal
3.5 g fat
3.1 g of saturated fatty acids
11 g sugars
0.23 g salt
Nutritional values
per. 100 g prepared softice
428 kJ/ 102 kcal
2,8 g
- of which saturated fat
2,4 g
18 g
- of which sugars
8,9 g
- of which polyols
8,7 g
Dietary fiber
8,6 g
6,2 g
0,19 g