EASIS Liquorice Shot

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Our popular liquorice drop can now be transformed into a shot! This is an amazing opportunity for people who want to follow a sugar free diet no matter what, even during parties!

Liquorice drop. Contains sweeteners. With no added sugar, but with naturally occurring sugar.  

How to:

1. Pour 4 dl vodka into the bottle
2. Let the liquorice shot dissolve completely in the liquid
3. Shake the bottle and serve

NOTE!  Cannot be served to minors.
Nutritional values
100 g
751 kJ/179 kcal
0 g
- of which saturated fat
0 g
5,0 g
- of which sugars
3,0 g
- of which polyols
1,5 g
Dietary fibre
84 g
<0,5 g
0 g
Filler (polydextrose), flavor enhancer (ammonium chloride), licorice powder, aroma (licorice), dye (vegetable charcoal), sweetener (sucralose). May contain traces of milk, nuts, soy and gluten.