EASIS Nougat bar 25 pcs

25 pcs
141 kcal per bar
Chocolate sweetened with stevia extract
Nougat filling

Be aware that this product is being sold without design on the packaging. It is packed in a transparent foil.

EASIS Nougat Bar is a ny delicious bar for the small break where you need something sweet. It consists of our light milk chocolate as you know, and inside you find a delicious filling of soft nougat. One bar contains 141 kcal and is without added sugar.

Milk chocolate with 30% nougat filling. Minimum 40% cocoa solids. Contains sweetener. Without added sugar, but with a natural content of sugar.

Storage: Dry and not in direct sunlight

Net weight: 28 g (1 portion)

1 portion of 28 g contains:
141 kcal
12 g fat
5,2 g carbohydrates
7,8 g dietary fibre
2,2 g protein
Nutritional values
pr 100 g
2099 kJ/ 502 kcal
41 g
- of which saturated fat
22 g
19 g
- of which sugars
10 g
- of which polyols
6.7 g
Dietary fiber
28 g
8,0 g
0,15 g