EASIS Nut bar with sea salt and dark chocolate 20 pcs

Without gluten
High fiber content
Without sweeteners
Without added sugar
174 kcal per bar

Be aware that this product is being sold without design on the packaging. It is packed in a transparent foil.

EASIS Nut bar with sea salt and dark chocolate is a mix og peanuts, almonds and cashew nuts. The diet recommendations say that we should eat max. 30 g of nuts a day. You are getting a full 19 g nuts in this EASIS Nut Bar.

Furthermore, the bar is without sweeteners and has a high fibre content, and it is gluten free, vegan and of course without added sugar.

EASIS Nut bar with sea salt and 12% dark chocolate. Without added sugar, but with a natural content of sugar.

Storage: Dry and not in direct sun light

Net weight: 20 x 35 g
Nutritional values
pr 100 g
2084 kJ/ 498 kcal
34 g
- of which saturated fat
6,6 g
23 g
- of which sugars
5,0 g
Dietary fiber
24 g
13 g
0,82 g