EASIS Simply Fruit Snack Strawberry, 30 g

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EASIS Simply Fruit Snack is a snackbar based on 100% fruit - nothing else. Containing only 96 kcal, it fits perfectly as a snack when you feel a little hungry. Easy to carry in your lunch box  or on the go.

Fruit bar with strawberries. No added sugar, only naturally occuring sugar. 100% fruit.

Storage: Dry and not in sunlight

Net weight: 30 g (1 portion).

1 serving of 30 g contains:
96 kcal
0.1 g fat
22 g carbohydrate
2.1 g dietary fiber
0.6 g protein
Nutritional values
Per 100 g
1342 kJ/ 321 kcal
0,3 g
- of which saturated fat
0 g
73 g
- of which sugars
69 g
- of which polyols
0 g
Dietary fibre
7,0 g
2,0 g
0,05 g

Dried apples (46.8%), raisins (44.7%), freeze-dried strawberries (8.5%).
May contain traces of soy, milk, peanuts and nuts.