EASIS Social Vanilla, 2 pcs

More than vanilla

We have entered into a collaboration with Social Vanilla on the launch of vanilla sticks with a very special story.

Social Vanilla is a value-driven company working to improve the vanilla industry. They do this by collaborating with like-minded companies, NGOs and small farmers. Social Vanilla's goal is to make the vanilla value chain more socially and economically sustainable for small farmers in Uganda.

We at EASIS would like to support this, and since vanilla is included in many of our recipes, we think it makes good sense to give our customers the opportunity to support a good cause.

What does Social Vanilla do
They ensure training and support for small farmers, which enables optimized production and a product of the highest quality and taste. They are part of transparent and fair trade agreements - which neither exploit small farmers nor nature. They pay the small farmers a premium price that is above market value.

Thank you for supporting this socially sustainable vanilla. To learn more about Social Vanilla, visit:


Contains: 2 pcs. rods of 7-8 g in total.
Store dry and dark.