EASIS Skimmed-milk Powder

High protein
Low fat

EASIS Skimmed-milk powder is dried skimmed milk, which is particularly suitable for baking, as a replacement or in combination with ordinary wheat flour.
It easily dissolves in water, which also makes it suitable as drinking milk., ideal for camping and hiking.

Skimmed-milk powder vs. plain wheat flour:
• Gluten-free
• twice as high protein content
• Fewer carbohydrates
• Higher content of vitamins and minerals.

How to make 1 liter of skimmed milk:
Pour 9 dl of water into a bowl and add 100g of skimmed-milk powder. Stir for a moment and you have 1 liter of skimmed milk.

Storage: Dry and not in direct sunlight.
After opening: Store in sealed packaging and not with strong odorous goods.

Net content: 200 g
Nutritional values
Pr. 100g pulver
1511 kJ/361 kcal
0,6 g
55 g
- of which sugars
55 g
- of which polyols
0 g
Dietary fiber
0 g
32 g
1,3 g