Spicy Chicken with Broccoli

Any lean meat is suitable for this recipe, feel free to choose e.g. ham or veal filet mignon or lamb fillet.

140 g chicken breast without skin

Ketchup Marinade
10 g EASIS Tomato Ketchup
1 ½ tbasp soy sauce
1 garlic clove
½ tsp dried chili (eg piri piri)
Rapeseed oil

Pickled onions
½ cup white vinegar
¼ cup water
½ tsp salt
A pinch of EASIS Perfect Sød
2 red onions

5 g sesame seeds
100 g broccoli

Marinade: Whisk the ingredients (listed above) together in a bowl. Pour the marinade over the chicken and leave it in the marinade until the frying pan is ready. Heat up the grill pan up and fry the meat until tender.

Pickled onions: Warm vinegar, water, salt and Perfect Sød in a small saucepan. Remove the pan from the heat and add sliced red onion. Tip: The longer the red onion stay in the brine, the softer they will be.

Steam the broccoli and serve with the chicken. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and top with the pickled red onions.