Bundle - Protein Powder with Vanilla and Shaker

Try our delicious Protein Powder with Vanilla and get a shaker!

This sampak contains:
1 kg Protein Powder Vanilla
1 shaker

EASIS Protein Powder is a protein powder based on whey protein. It is without added sugar and contains all the essential amino acids. Perfect as a supplement and for protein optimization of your meals and snacks.

EASIS Shaker is a smart two-part shaker, where you can store a ready-mixed drink in the bottle itself and some extra powder for another portion in the separate compartment at the bottom.

The shaker can contain 500 ml of liquid and 150 ml extra in the separate compartment at the bottom. If you do not want to use the extra small space, it can be removed and the shaker works just as well without.

At the top of the shaker is a net, which makes it easy to prepare a shake completely without lumps.

EASIS Shaker is produced in EU and therefore complies with EU rules regarding materials which is in contact with food.

With screw cap.
Color: opal white (semi-transparent) bottle and black lid.
Dishwasher safe
Can withstand up to 120 degrees hot liquid.