EASIS Danish tree log

High fiber content
No added sugar
167 kcal pr. piece

EASIS Danish tree log is a tasty confectionery without added sugar. It looks like – and tastes like – what you know but is composed in a slightly different way. You will find the marzipan inside the tree log instead of on the outside. The marzipan in the middle is mixed with cocoa and rum aroma and then after coated with white chocolate and the ends are dipped in dark chocolate. The tree log has a delicious and soft texture.
The tree log can be enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa made on either EASIS chocolate sticks or EASIS cocoa drink.
Marzipan with cocoa and rum flavor, coated with 20% white chocolate. Contains sweeternes. Without added sugar but with a natural content of sugar.  
Storage: Dry and not in sunlight.
Net content: 40 g.

1 serving of 40 g contains:
167 kcal
13 g fat
7.5 g carbohydrate
9.0 g of dietary fiber
4.8 g protein
Nutritional values
Per 100 g
1749 kJ/ 418 kcal
31 g
- of which saturated fat
7,5 g
19 g
- of which sugars
5,4 g
- of which polyols
6,9 g
Dietary fiber
23 g
12 g
0,08 g