EASIS Sandwich Cookies with vanilla cream filling

Færre kalorier
Fewer calories
Without added sugar
Packaging with 4 packs with 4 cookies in each packs. Easy to bring on the go.

EASIS Sandwich Cookies is a new sandwich cookie without maltitol and with reduced calories. The carbohydrate content is furthermore halved. A lot of great stuff at once! It is still as crispy and with lots of cocoa flavour and a delicious filling of vanilla cream. Enjoy it as it is or dip it in a lovely cold glass of milk.

Cocoa cookie with 23% cream with vanilla flavour. Contains sweeteners. Without added sugar but with naturally occuring sugar. Contains 30% fewer calories compared to similar products.

Storage: Dry and not too hot.
After opening in a close-fitting container

Net content: 168 g - 16 cookies (4 x 44 g (4 packs with 4 biscuits in each pack)

1 serving/1 cookie of 10,5 g contains
35 kcal
1,7 g fat
3,4 g carbohydrate
2,1 g dietary fibre
0,5 g protein
Nutritional values
Per 100g
16 g
- of which saturated fat
6,0 g
32 g
- of which sugars
2,3 g
Dietary fiber
20 g
5,0 g
0,60 g