EASIS Marzipan Bar with Mint Flavor, 1 pcs

High fibre content
Delicious mint flavour
127 kcal pr. pcs. (30 g)

Be aware that this product is being sold without design on the packaging. It is packed in a transparent foil.

We love marzipan bars and here is a new version: a marzipan bar with mint flavour. Who doesn't love the fresh taste of mint? Mint, dark chocolate and the marzipan is a great combination for the sweet tooth.

Marzipan with mint flavour coated in 30% dark chocolate. Minimum 60% cocoa solids in the chocolate. Contains sweeteners. Without added sugar, but with naturally occuring sugar.

Storage: Dry and not in direct sunlight

Net content: 30 g

1 serving of 30 g contains:
127 kcal
9,6 g fat
5,3 g carbohydrate
8,0 g dietary fibre
3,1 g protein
1170 kJ /423 kcal
32 g
- of which saturated fat
8,5 g
18 g
- of which sugars
2,8 g
- of which polyols
6,9 g
Dietary fiber
27 g
10 g
0,03 g